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Bathroom Lighting Buying Guide

More often than not, bathroom lighting seems to be a second thought with the majority of homeowners. Without adequate lighting, bathrooms can become dark and dingy; making them an unpleasant and impractical space in your home – a far cry from what you need from your bathroom. Whilst ceiling lights provide good amounts of ambient lighting to the room, you need additional lighting for tasks such as shaving or applying make-up. Luckily, choosing lighting that ticks all the boxes isn’t a particularly difficult task for the bathroom – you just... Read More


Outdoor Lighting Buying Guide

With the weather starting to heat up as we head into the final weeks of spring, now is the perfect time to revamp your garden so you can spend more time enjoying your outside space. You have to think about more than pruning the bushes and giving your lawn it’s first cut of the year – what happens when you’re having fun outdoors but you don’t want to retreat into the house when the sun goes down? Ensuring you have adequate lighting to make sure you don’t have to depart... Read More


Kitchen Lighting Buying Guide

When looking for lighting for your kitchen and dining room ,you need to remember that lighting in these areas of your home serve a dual purpose as the kitchen serves as the ‘hub’ in most modern homes. Lighting must be bright enough for when you’re preparing and cooking food on the kitchen worktops and hob, but they’re also used to provide mood and atmosphere when you’re sitting down to eat – or if you use the space for socialising over a glass of wine. The most important aspect to consider... Read More


Living Room Lighting Buying Guide

Getting the lighting right in your living room is perhaps more important than any other room in your home – it’s the place you spend most of your time and it’s often the focal point of your entire home, too. However the living room is used for many different activities, from relaxing in front of the TV to reading your favourite book, which require different types of light sources to allow you to do so comfortably. What Types of Light Will I Need? As a rule of thumb, we advise... Read More


The Beauty of Brass

When searching for a finish that offers such a warm, inviting and elegant look, there’s no real comparison to brass. Brass as a metal is beautiful in its own right, and its relatively recent revival within the interior design industry has led to it being used in everything from home furnishings to light fixtures – creating sleek and authentic products. In the world of lighting, brass has been used for centuries to produce decorative lighting. This is mainly due to the metal being extremely versatile, as it’s available in different... Read More


In The Spotlight: Lighting Trends For 2016

2015 was a massive year for lighting; we seen certain trends that have been growing steadily for a few years explode in popularity both in our homes and commercial properties, such as bars and restaurants. As we head into 2016, are the same trends here to stay? What should you be looking for when you come to updating the lighting in your home? The Home Lighting Centre is here to give you the heads up on the lighting trends for 2016.   Industrial One of the main trends we’ve seen... Read More


Introducing Dar Lighting

Whilst The Home Lighting Centre has many lighting brands available that you may have heard of before, we think you should make Dar Lighting one not to forget. We often have customers asking which products we would recommend for their homes, businesses and commercial properties, and time and time again we have to point them in the direction of Dar Lighting. Not only because their collection of lighting is often imitated due to their innovative and unique designs, but with over 30 years experience, they’re undoubtedly the best in the... Read More


LED Lighting – Should You Make The Switch?

As energy costs soar and the government adds pressure on us to improve the energy efficiency of our homes, many households are looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy they use. Why not start looking at making changes to your lighting first? After all, LED bulbs beat incandescent bulbs hands down when it comes to energy efficiency, and it’s estimated that you could save up to £280 a year on your household bills by making the switch. Whilst they may be a little more expensive to initially purchase, LED... Read More


Bringing the Autumn Indoors

Autumn brings colourful changes to the outdoors – with crisp, golden leaves, a light dusting of frost on the footpaths and the soft glow of street lamps with the arrival of the early dark nights. Autumn is a perfect time of year to welcome some of these beautiful colours into your indoor living space, by creating the perfect ambience to reflect the calming colours from outside your window. No matter what style of home you have, The Home Lighting Centre has a lighting solution which will help bring the feel... Read More


Update Your Landing and Hallway

When it comes to decorating your home, people often overlook the hallway and landing and these areas can sometimes become the forgotten and neglected parts of your home. However, remember that your hallway will be the first part of your home that visitors will see, so it needs to feel welcoming, light and uncluttered. We’ll look at the choices you can make which will transform your hallway and landing and prevent it from trailing behind the rest of your home décor. Inspiration and Planning As with any decorating and DIY... Read More