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Whether you’ve just installed a new light fitting or you’re looking to stock up supplies for future bulb failures from age our power surges, we have a fantastic collection of light bulbs - or lamps as we call them in the lighting industry - for you to choose from. No longer is choosing a light bulb just about finding one with the correct fitting and wattage, they now come in a huge range of different styles,  which are each designed to output different types and quality of light - so don’t rush your decision as they can have a huge imapct of the room's atmosphere.

Decorative Lamps, Low Energy Lamps and LED Lamps

We have hundreds of differently styled bulbs, with each performing better in particular settings, so take a look through our entire collection to find one which will work best with your light fitting. With the rising popularity of industrial light fittings and other decorative lighting, decorative bulbs are now extremely popular. Decorative bulbs, often referred to as ‘vintage’ bulbs or lamps, have a visible decorative filament which gives light fittings an authentic look.

With rising energy costs, many homeowners are looking to convert to low energy and LED bulbs. These low energy alternatives are compatible with older light fittings as well as modern light and contemporary light fittings, and are available for many applications around the home; from your wall lights and spotlights as part of your bathroom lighting to under cabinet lighting and ceiling pendant lights as part of your kitchen lighting.