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Picture lights - or display lights as they're sometimes referred to - were designed traditionally for one specific purpose; to highlight your favourite paintings, photos and artwork on the walls of your home for your guests to see. Artwork can really add character to a room, however, it needs to be well-lit to maximise its effect - otherwise it can make a room look cluttered or unnecessarily dark. Similarly, it is nice to take pride in some of the artwork and pictures which you have on display in your home as oppose to leaving them to blend into the room by using picture lights - you want them to stand out.


Previously, picture lights were designed for this specific purpose and may have been featured in more simplistic designs. Nowadays, however, they come in an array of different styles - many of which can be chosen to compliment existing lighting within a room. Not only should picture lighting illuminate art so that it can be impressively displayed in all its glory but it should also compliment the theme of what it is lighting up whilst also conforming to the room's motif. Taking this into consideration, The Home Lighting Centre have ensured that an array of different styles are stocked to provide a varied choice. Classic, contemporary and traditional picture lights are all included within the range, including hand-picked selections from leading manufactures such as Dar and Endon Lighting.


Sometimes it is not always possible to connect a picture light to the mains as pictures are often situated in full view so people can see them; whereas the mains are usually tucked away out of sight. With this in mind, cordless LED picture lights are often the most suitable method of illuminating your favourite decorations without having to rely on being able to connect to the mains. The LEDs usually have a lifespan of about 40 hours and more often than not come with a remote control allowing for you to enjoy your favourite work in even more comfort.